Going Up!

Jim adds Kessler Crane to his arsenal

Jim now has a new tool in his kit.  With the Kessler Crane, he is now able to get more unique shots and angles.  Having one of these cranes on your shoot can really boost the quality of your production.  For example, if you were doing a how-to video and you were making something with your hands, a crane can get that much-needed overhead shot.  It’s also great for showcasing landscaping or architecture.  A sweeping shot of entrance to a property can add that extra bit of class to a project.

Another great use for a crane is during live events.  They can get terrific shots of audience members as well as amazing images of performers and speakers.  Recently, Jim was asked to operate the Kessler Crane at a charity concert in McKinney, Texas.  The video below is an excerpt from that concert.  You can see some of the types of shots a crane can get in the video.

The kit is available in lengths of 5.5, 8, and 12 feet. It also includes a motorized pan/tilt head with remote. Jim will be making this available as an add-on with his services. Please contact Jim about availability and pricing.

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