Mutton Bustin’, NBA Playoffs and Horses

What’s Jim been up to lately?

It’s been a busy 3 months since Super Bowl XLV.  In that time, I have been shooting reality television, ballroom dancing, horseback riding, and working at the NBA Playoffs.

In late February, Professional Bull Riding came to Arlington and I was asked to take part in shooting a reality show pilot, based on the sport of Mutton Bustin’, which features 6-year old kids riding sheep in a similar fashion to bull riding.  During the event, I had to set up an 18ft Triangle jib, run POV cameras in the staging pen, and shoot interviews and b-roll of the wool riders.  Below are some pictures from that event.

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Next up, I got to use the Kessler Crane for a large-scale wedding at the Dallas Hyatt Regency.  The event was a Persian-style wedding with nearly 1000 guests, many of whom crowded the dance floor for hours of traditional dances.

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As Spring turns into Summer, that means that NBA playoffs are in full swing.  The Dallas Mavericks played the Portland Trailblazers in the first round and I got a court-side seat working for TNT in the audio department.  Before the game, I helped set up the audio equipment in the locker rooms, press room, and the broadcast table on the court.

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In early May, I traveled to Weatherford, Texas to shoot a horse trials event.  On the first day of the event, I shot riders and their horses competing in an event called, “Dressage”, where the rider demonstrates their ability to command their horse.  On the second day, I worked with several other camera operators to shoot a mile-long cross country event.

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